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Event Wi-Fi

Event Wi-Fi – Indoor and Outdoor

KernWi-Fi is a 100% South Australian owned Licensed Carrier, Fibre, NBN, Event Wi-Fi and Fixed Wireless Internet company who have gladly taken up the challenge to support local and state festivals in providing the community with Event Wi-Fi – Indoor and Outdoor.

We have provided the platform for festivals to launch not only in the local scene but also internationally with an uninterrupted high speed internet service and free public Wi-Fi. We know how important it is to be recognised with uninterrupted high speed wireless internet, with dedicated and secure local networks for, Staff, Artists, POS and guests.

All KernWi-Fi Supplied equipment is Tested and Tagged to AS/NZS 3760:2022 Standard as per our Electrical License # PGE 308911.

Our public Wi-Fi Hot Spot devices (KernHotSpot) are easily connected to phones and other media devices that best support the communication and media areas and increase digital engagement.

         Some of our recent events enjoying our High Speed Internet and/or Public Wi-Fi connections include:

KernWi-Fi / KernHotSpot Network already connects thousands of users daily via our gateway of local business, café’s, shopping centres, clubs, pubs, hotels, motels, function centres, sporting centres and public areas just to name a few.

Event Wi-Fi – Indoor and OutdoorKernWi-Fi alignment to Event Wi-Fi – Indoor and Outdoor – Smart, Green, Liveable & Creative, with an emphasis on sustainability.

We are keen to build on this already successful component of our business to provide guests, whether being local visitors or international to best promote not only local business and festivals but also South Australia.

Our various services and products include: Event Wi-Fi – Indoor and Outdoor, Wi-Fi networks, marketing, analytics and mesh networking. We will work with you in designing and deploying your network to meet your needs regardless of the size of the event or venue. We take everything into consideration including multiple secure isolated network points for your staff, electronic devices such as POS and guest access plus you can have your own branded splash page. We offer users free time or paid time usage or a combination. We provide live reporting to show you how many devices and clients are connected, types of devices connected, the most popular areas for connection within the venue and more.

KernWi-Fi / KernHotSpot deployment of our devices have shown great diversity in location of equipment while still being able to provide the high speed connection and free public Wi-Fi but mindful of the environment, heritage listed buildings and ever changing work platforms. Our network can be easily added to as opportunities for growth expand and change throughout events.

Our Wi-Fi hardware is hardwired into our equipment or can be meshed (non hardwired) depending on power connection around the venue. Our equipment does not interfere in any way with mobile telephone equipment, network or services. The power usage (very low power draw, equivalent to a small handful of LED lights)  and could easily be adapted in more advanced technology such as solar and remote structures. We are keen to embrace new innovation within our industry and support local business and councils move into this new smart technology.

All KernWi-Fi Supplied equipment is Tested and Tagged to AS/NZS 3760:2010 Standard as per our Electrical License # PGE 308911.