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Semaphore 10 Gig City

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KernWi-Fi Semaphore 10 Gig City


KernWi-Fi Semaphore 10 Gig CityKernWi-Fi Semaphore 10 Gig City.

A collaborative project between KernWi-Fi and the Semaphore Mainstreet Association, representing and supporting businesses in Semaphore.

Bringing employment and stimulating the local economy by connecting Semaphore into the 21st Century.



Our Initial KernWi-Fi Hubs will be located at:

The Fed on Semaphore – 25 Semaphore Road, Semaphore

KernWi-Fi Semaphore 10 Gig City
The Federal Hotel is now up and running with KernWi-Fi. Guests in the bar and dining facilities have access to KernHotSpot Free Wi-Fi.

Hotel guests will also enjoy KernHotSpot Free Wi-Fi for the duration of their stay. Check with the hotel reception when checking in to get your KernHotSpot Free Wi-Fi ticket.

Semaphore Steam Train Kiosk – 68 Esplanade, Semaphore

KernWi-Fi Semaphore 10 Gig City

Arnold’s Steam Train Kiosk is now up and running with KernWi-Fi. Next time you are having a bite eat or having a coffee or enjoying an ice cream, make sure you login to KernHotSpot Free Wi-Fi.


Traders of Semaphore Road will also have the opportunity to connect to our high speed internet and offer customers free KernHotSpot Wi-Fi, as part of KernWi-Fi Semaphore 10 Gig City. For more information on how you and your business can get involved with this project, click here to contact us.

We will be working with the Semaphore Mainstreet Association and our partners at Vocus Communications to provide FREE Guest Wi-Fi to all Semaphore-based events, including:


Raine & Horne Semaphore Street Fair

Semaphore 10 Gig City

Our FREE Wi-Fi was used by hundreds of guests at any one time during the day, with the general public and existing KernWi-Fi customers utilising the KernHotSpot.

Our Wi-Fi network is engineered so KernWi-Fi customers automatically login when a KernWi-Fi Zone is available. We look forward to the following upcoming Semaphore events.

The Craig Roberts Guardian Pharmacy Seaside Carols


Another successful, family-friendly event. Our FREE Wi-Fi was a hit with people of all ages!

Feast on the Foreshore

Our third event with Semaphore was another success! Feast on the Foreshore is Semaphore’s Big Gay Out! It was a fantastic day with many users connecting to our Free Wi-Fi.


On your next visit to Semaphore, be sure to log on to KernWi-Fi.

Further information:

Phil Kern – KernWi-Fi Pty Ltd / KernHotSpot
KernWi-Fi Semaphore 10 Gig City
w: https://kernwifi.com.au

e: phil.kern@kernwi-fi.com.au

p: 7100-5432

Ashley Tippins – Semaphore Mainstreet Association Inc

KernWi-Fi Semaphore 10 Gig City

w: http://semaphoresa.com.au

e: ashley@semaphoresa.com.au

p: 0411-460-139

Leigh Bollen – Vocus Communications

KernWi-Fi Semaphore 10 Gig City

w: http://vocus.com.au

e: leigh.bollen@vocus.com.au

p: 1800-428-428