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March 20, 2020 Adelaide Businesses Using KernWi-Fi 0
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As we all work together to navigate these uncertain and unprecedented times,  KernWi-Fi are taking important measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

In line with current advice from the Australian Government and health authorities, we have implemented  a new management plan across the business with a focus on a range of preventative and proactive measures to ensure our actions and behaviours help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our day to day to operations.

As we understand, information is being updated daily and we are taking every action to keep up-to-date wih the latest recommendations and advice from Government.  It is without doubt you are also being inundated with information from newsfeeds and social media platforms. While it is extremely important to remain vigiliant and well informed, it is also important that we remain calm and not succumb to overreactions and overwhelm as we have recently seen in the community.

Impact on current KernWi-Fi Services

We are doing our upmost to continue to provide the level of support we always have, however, in these unprecedented times we appreciate your patience as we work through providing support according to the level of priority (i.e. non-essential support will be given lower priority).

Given the considerable increase in the number of people asked to work from home in the past week, KernWi-Fi is also experiencing a significant escalation in the demand for our services to accommodate connection to these new ‘home offices’.  We continue to assess bandwidth and data requirements for these businesses.

Existing services:  As an existing client, you will continue to access our services and support, however, we ask that you please be patient and understand that assistance will be assessed based on the level of priority.

Upgrades:  Businesses wishing to upgrade their services will be assessed on a case by case scenario.

New services:  While we are working closely with carriers and providers, all new services will be reviewed on a case by case scenario, as priority has been given to Medical Departments and Government Agencies requiring urgent assistance.

Risk Mitigation Measures

Our greatest priority at this time is to protect the health and wellbeing of our staff and their families and continue to provide a safe environment for our clients, suppliers and contractors. Thus we are taking extra effort to respond responsibly to what is an evolving situation.

While our team is working from home, our technicians who are required to attend your home/business will be taking precautionary measures and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Visits will be rescheduled if there are any unwell individuals in your home or business
  • We ask that you allow us to observe “social distancing” by keeping a 1.5m buffer between members of your household and our technicians
  • Our technicians will wear gloves while in your home or business
  • Technicians will wear a facemask while in your home or business, if required
  • Our technicians will wipe down any surfaces they are in contact with while in your home or business

We also ask that if a technician is scheduled to attend your home or business that you please notify us prior if:

  • You have recently returned from anywhere overseas in the past 14 days
  • You have been in contact with someone who has returned from anywhere overseas in the past 14 days
  • You are showing any symptoms of COVID-19; or
  • You have been confirmed to have COVID-19


We hold our client relationship in the highest regard and are aware these precautionary measures may potentially impact your interaction with us over the coming weeks.

We understand that the community response to the COVID-19 pandemic is forever changing and we will endeavour to keep you updated.

As we work through these adverse and unsettling times, we look forward to strengthening our relationship through innovation and collaboration.
Should you require any clarification of the above, please contact:

Email:   sales@kernwi-fi.com.au
Phone:  08-7100-5432