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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

KernWi-Fi Pty Ltd / KernHotSpot is committed to providing you with the highest levels of customer service.

This includes protecting your privacy. From 21 December 2001, we are bound by new sections of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 of Australia, which set out a number of principles concerning the protection of your personal information.

Principals of data protection:

KernWi-Fi Pty Ltd / KernHotSpot does not collect any information through their websites that can be connected to your person (name, address, phone number or e-mail), unless you voluntarily provide it to KernWi-Fi Pty Ltd / KernHotSpot (by registration or answering to questionnaires). KernWi-Fi /Pty Ltd / KernHotSpot is organising and storing personal data provided by you (time of registration, chosen package) in order to operate the system. KernWi-Fi Pty Ltd / KernHotSpot states that it is storing and documenting your data in order to complete your orders and to confirm your future requests.

In case of online payment, KernWi-Fi Pty Ltd / KernHotSpot do not store Credit Card information and do not have access to Credit Card details provided (number of card and expiry date). All Credit Card payments are processed through a 3rd-party payment processor (St.George or PayPal).

KernWi-Fi Pty Ltd / KernHotSpot are obliged to handle the information collected according to the law. Upon transferring personal data to KernWi-Fi Pty Ltd / KernHotSpot, you agree to the registration and management of your personal data for purposes and period of time depending as essential by the nature of the service.

KernWi-Fi Pty Ltd / KernHotSpot is exempt from liabilities deriving from KernWi-Fi Pty Ltd / KernHotSpot is exempt from liabilities deriving from damage due to unauthorised use, disclosure or loss of user login name, password or certificate.