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KernWi-Fi SponsorshipKernWi-Fi receives a large number of requests for sponsorship annually.

To enable us to evaluate all opportunities, sponsorship proposals must be submitted in writing. Please download the Sponsorship Application Form as below and email to Marketing.

Should you have any enquiries about this application process or would like to check on the progress of a submission please call 08-7100-5432 or email: marketing@kernwifi.com.au

KernWi-Fi Sponsorship Application

Please note:

  • KernWi-Fi requires a minimum of 4 weeks lead-time when considering sponsorship applications.
  • KernWi-Fi will endeavour to respond to all sponsorship applications within 5 working days.
  • Charitable donations, political and religious activities are not considered sponsorship opportunities.

Network Consulting Services

Your venue might already have internet or Wi-Fi, but does it have the correct internet or Wi-Fi to meet your needs? We can help you assess your venue’s network infrastructure.

Network Design and Deployment

We will work with you in designing and deploying your network to meet your needs, regardless of the size of the event or venue. We take everything into consideration including, multiple secure isolated network points for your staff, electronic devices such as EFTPOS and guest access. Have your own branded splash page. Offer user’s free time or paid time usage or a combination.

Detailed Reporting

We provide live reporting to show you how many devices and clients are connected, types of devices connected, the most popular areas for connection within the venue and more.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Dedicated bandwidth to run multiple access points without performance degradation.

Onsite Support

We provide on-site support staff during your event.


We provide secure networks for total isolation between your corporate network and guest network.


We work with companies of all sizes. Each customer, no matter how big or small, is of equal importance to us.