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Our Internet Plans

Home Fixed Wireless


We offer a variety of high speed plans to cater to your home lifestyle. Whether that is streaming Netflix, watching cat videos or just scrolling through Facebook we’ve got you covered!

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Business Fixed Wireless


Want a fast and reliable  ISP for your business? KernWi-Fi is here to provide! Check out our range of plans to decide which one will suit your businesses needs.

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KernWi-Fi Fixed Wireless service delivers a reliable high-speed fixed wireless internet connection to locations across South Australia using our wireless network without requiring a conventional phone line.The service will be provisioned to deliver the ‘plan’ selected download speed and the upload speed, within the Kern Network. You will not be able to achieve this maximum speed all of the time.

The connection is and is handed off as a WAN Service if you haven’t chosen one of our Wi-Fi Access Points. We will provide the config details for you. Actual speeds will vary online due to internet traffic, servers, locations and routers and is not within the control of Kern.

KernWi-Fi wireless broadband services is subject to service qualification which includes confirming line of sight to one of our transmission towers in South Australia. To supply the service we need to install an external Wireless antenna on your premises in a suitable location which has line of sight to one of our towers.