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Figs for the Picking

February 12, 2020 Adelaide Businesses Using KernHotSpot 0
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South Australia is home to holding some wonderful events when it comes to being immersed in local produce. And the Glen Ewin Estate Fig Picking season is one of them!

Glen Ewin Estate is holding its annual fig picking event this February through to March (depending on the timing and ripening of this delicious fruit).

What’s involved:

Firstly, check out their Facebook Page to ensure the orchards are open. The cost is $5 per person (kids under 12 are free).

You’ll be given a wristband and a box and then set free to roam the orchards to find and pick as many figs as you can for yourself, friends and family.  KernWi-Fi is set up in the orchards too, so you can connect yourself to FREE Wi-Fi capturing your picking adventure on social.

Once you’ve collected your fill, then simply checkout at the Fig Bar. Figs are charged at $10/per kilo.

As they say, Glen Ewin Estate’s Fig Season is short but sweet, but well worth it.

Their fig orchards comprise of almost 12,000 trees and include 5 main varieties:

  • Archipal
  • Deanna
  • Spanish Desert
  • Brown Turkey
  • Black Genoa

In the 25 years that Glen Ewin Estate has been in operation, they’ve have never sprayed the figs with any chemicals and employ organic management practices wherever they can.

Image credit to Glen Ewin Estate


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