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Wynn Vale Tower Speed Upgrade

October 4, 2017 Adelaide Home and Business Using KernWi-Fi Towers 0
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Wynn Vale Tower Speed Upgrade - KernWi-Fi Pty LtdDear KernW-Fi Customer,

Kern will be undertaking scheduled Speed Upgrade on our Wynn Vale Tower
Friday October 6th and Saturday October 7th 2017. 

We’ve identified that this maintenance will impact Wynn Vale Tower users only. Please continue reading to understand the implications.

What is this maintenance for?
We will be upgrading link speed.

How will I be impacted?
In order to upgrade the link speed we may need to restart and stop your service. (5 min increments).


If you find any issues once the maintenance window is complete, please raise a ticket and our support staff will investigate at their first opportunity.

Where can I track status?
We will provide regular updates. If you have any issues or questions, please contact our customer support team by raising a ticket.

KernWi-Fi Team