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 Welcome to Semaphore’s 10 Gig City!

January 13, 2020 Community using KernWi-Fi 0
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 What better time than to be heading down to the beach during SA’s warmer months.  Sunny Semaphore is a north-western seaside suburb approximately 14km from Adelaide. Semaphore’s white sands, family-friendly shallows and colourful foreshore make for a classic Adelaide beach escape.

What’s more is that Semaphore is now known as a 10 Gig City. What does this mean?

The 10 Gig City is a collaborative project between KernWi-Fi and the Semaphore Mainstreet Association with the aim to represent and support businesses in Semaphore by connecting them with visitors to the area by way of wireless internet and fast reliable Wi-Fi. This means we are connecting more people, bringing more employment and stimulating the local economy looking forward to the 21st Century.

Currently KernWi-Fi have WiFi Hotspot hubs located at:

The Fed on Semaphore:  located at 25 Semaphore Road.  This means that not only guests who stay overnight at the hotel, but those frequenting the bar and dining area have access to KernHotSpot Free Wi-Fi.

Arnold’s Steam Train Kiosk:  located on the foreshore is also up and running with KernWi-Fi. Next time you drop past for a quick cuppa, hot chips or icecream, ensure you make use of the free Wi-Fi and login to KernHotSpot.

Semaphore Businesses

As part of the KernWiFi Semaphore 10 Gig City, traders of Semaphore Road will have the opportunity to connect to KernWi-Fi’s high speed internet and offer its customers a free KernHotSpot Wi-Fi.  If you are  trader, and would like to know how you and your business can get involved with this project, click here to contact us.


Coupled with the 10 Gig City, KernWi-Fi is also working closely  with the Semaphore Mainstreet Association and its partners, Vocus Communications, to provide FREE Guest Wi-Fi to all Semaphore-based events, including the recent Harcourts Smith Semaphore Street Fair and the Craig Roberts Guardian Pharmacy Seaside Carols.

Semaphore Street Fair

Semaphore Street Fair

Carols by Candelight

Carols by Candlelight

About Semaphore 

Semaphore beach is deep and white with low sand dunes as a pictureseque backdrop, giving you a great sense of being miles from anywhere.

It’s not just beach though.  Coupled with two kilometres of public space, green lawn and family entertainment it’s what a visit to the beach is all about. Fun! Play mini-golf, slither down the water slide, ride on the vintage carousel or ferris wheel, buy ice creams and fish and chips from a beachside kiosk, cycle on the bike track, and ride on the steam train that puffs along the shoreline.

Semaphore Road is lined with funky boutiques , pubs, shops, contemporary cafes and even a cinema dating back to the 1920s.  Indulge in high quality food in a beachside atmosphere, where fine dining and great pubs mix with quirky cafes and good old-fashioned fish and chips.


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