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Kern NBN™ Coming Soon!

June 11, 2020 NBN 0
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KernWi-Fi are pleased to announce our new product Kern NBN™ due to launch 1st July 2020 providing services to new and existing customers.

As we continue to grow, we maintain our ability to exceed the demands of our clients wanting
additional services for high quality, high speed internet and it’s only natural for us to take the next step to be able to deliver this service. 

Kern NBN™ Support

All Kern NBN™ services are backed with a local South Australian support team (meaning no off-shore call centres)!

In addition Kern NBN™ can also provide:

  • 99.95% eSLA available on TC2 services (greater than 50/20Mbps Services)*
  • Ability to see NBN™ faults in real time
  • Ability to diagnose faults directly and have access to the clients CPE
  • Ability to log faults directly to NBN™

Available Plans *

NBN™ Asymmetrical Plan Types

  • 25/5Mbps – Unlimited Data
  • 50/20Mbps – Unlimited Data
  • 100/40Mbps – Unlimited Data
  • 250/100Mbps – Unlimited Data
  • 500/200Mbs – Unlimited Data
  • 1000/400Mbps – Unlimited Data

NBN™ Symmetrical Plan Types

  • 50/50Mbps – Unlimited Data
  • 100/100Mbps – Unlimited Data
  • 200/200Mbps – Unlimited Data
  • 300/300Mbps – Unlimited Data
  • 400/400Mbps– Unlimited Data
  • 500/500Mbps – Unlimited Data
  • 600/600Mbps – Unlimited Data
  • 700/700Mbps – Unlimited Data
  • 800/800Mbps – Unlimited Data
  • 900/900Mbps – Unlimited Data
  • 1000/1000Mbps – Unlimited Data

* Note:  A full service qualification will be required to determine actual speed that can be delivered. Please complete the pre qualification Kern NBN™ interest form below and we will get back to you with your results.



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