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Cafe De Vilis Blair Athol

Cafe De Vilis Blair Athol - Guest Wi-Fi now available - KernWi-Fi

Cafe De Vilis Blair Athol

Our KernHotSpot / KernWi-Fi Network connects Cafe De Vilis Blair Athol via our Wi-Fi gateway.

KernWi-Fi operate public WiFi KernHotSpot’s at many locations. Check out our Wi-Fi KernHotSpot coverage
and enjoy Free Wi-Fi while at Cafe De Vilis Blair Athol.

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How can KernHotSpot help you?

Your customers expect a reliable internet connection now more than ever, especially in large event halls or shopping malls where 3G/4G coverage can be restricted or unreliable.

Our KernHotSpot / KernWi-Fi Network already connects thousands of users daily via our gateway of local business, café’s, shopping centres, clubs, pubs, hotels, motels, function centres, sporting centres, public areas just to name a few.

Our various services and products include: Wi-Fi networks, Marketing, Analytics and Mesh Networking.